Additional predicates for manipulating semantic maps and reasoning about them.


A script to convert URDF to SemanticEnvironmentMap

$ rosrun knowrob_maps urdf_to_sem


urdf_to_sem [-h] [-n NAMESPACE] [-s SUFFIX] [-f] urdf [sem]

Positional arguments

urdf                  Path to URDF file. (required)
sem                   Path to output SemanticEnvironmentMap file. (default: <urdf file name>.owl)

Optional arguments

-h, --help            show this help message and exit
-n NAMESPACE, --namespace NAMESPACE Namespace of output map. (default: file name of urdf)
-s SUFFIX, --suffix SUFFIX Suffix for SemanticEnvironmentMap instance. (default: unique string)
-f, --overwrite       Overwrite output file if exists. (default: false)


Sub directories

[dir] prolog

Prolog files